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I've done nothing to be ashamed of.

Sabrina wished he could tell Rees about what had happened.

Of course I know who he is! He's an incredibly smart boy.

He drank very little of the water.

The world is not endangered because of people who are evil, but because of those who permit evil.

He cracked nuts.

That is undoubtedly a success.

To be a good teacher, you must know how to make the most of what your students have.

I just don't think they get it.

I thought you hated her.

The good news is that we'll be able to help you.

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Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit.

Daniel looks like an Uyghur.

Clark is allergic to latex.

Can you give me a little bit longer?

There might not be enough room in the car for Raghu.

I'm a twin.

Alison and I are very close friends.

Would you have Justin come to my office, please?

The first day of the course he bought the textbook which he needed to do his homework.

Before doing so, you must ask your mother for permission.

Who's your favourite southpaw baseball player?

The police officers aimed their guns at Becky.

What are we paying for?

Your mom is so cute!

Lorenzo is a rookie.

It's nice of you to see me off.

He joined the navy after finishing college.

You had better consult a doctor about your health.

Why do you like short skirts?

I really like that guy.

Does the story have a happy ending?

He found his key and opened the door.

I plan to live to be a hundred.


I can walk to school in ten minutes.

The income from this source is tax-free.

I'm glad you reminded me.

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We're pretty happy.

Marie invited them to dinner.

Does anyone in your family speak French?


Do you have a car?


Cris and Vishal shared the cost.


Gypsy doesn't wear as much makeup as Alice.

We are finally free.

The Italian flag is green, white and red.

Ralph got into the car with Erick.

Did your girlfriend like the flowers?


Dan assaulted Linda.

What's the intention?

I wish I'd bought a different color shirt.

It was such a fine day that we decided to have a picnic.

What's gotten into Bruno?

He made believe he was a doctor.

I think his method of teaching has good points and bad points.

He likes mountaineering and knows the mountains of Japan quite well.

Sri knew Hein would be angry.

I bumped into an old friend on the bus.

That's what I'm betting.


We call it the Evening Star.


She turned her back to me.

You're supposed to be helping Tyler right now.

Mr. Wang has learned German because he wanted to work in Germany.

I've known your father since before you were born.

I asked Teri what he thought of James.

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Her higher salary will allow her to live comfortably.

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Honesty isn't always the best policy.

She was beside herself with rage.

Why did he dare sabotage the experiment?


I will email you after I check it thoroughly.

Billy was Earle's first real boyfriend.

There's a little black spot on the sun today.

I want a boiled egg.

You said you needed help.

During the meal he stole many glances at the maiden, and would even have spoken to her, but she gave him no encouragement.

Can I finish talking even once, or do you want to keep interrupting me?

We'll get to Boston before it gets dark, I think.

Pierette speaks better French than Graham.

Have you decided on your dissertation topic?

Did you find anything in that store that you liked?

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The branches gave but did not break.

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I have a full three-octave vocal range.

I suppose Dawn didn't make it.

I lived for years and years.

Francis wore black jeans and a white T-shirt.

I pray every night.

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Ethan's got a short fuse and flies off the handle at the drop of a hat.

Everyone feels a little grossed out at the thought of their parents having sex.

Our allegiance has never been to any particular tribe or kingdom - indeed, every language is spoken in our country; every culture has left its imprint on ours; every point of view is expressed in our public squares.

Please don't smoke too much.

We shall hold on till the end.

Ranjit is handcuffed.

"Lemme see your painting, Manaka." "Must you? It's embarrassing!"

She smiled and said goodbye

Is the bath clean?

Have there been any phone calls for me?

Each passing car threw up a cloud of dust.

I was invited to the party.

Someone rang the doorbell, it's the maid.

Olof has practiced medicine here for thirty years.

Moe got out of the car.

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Over and out.

They also collected moon rocks and soil.

At present, he is in Canada.

What he says is holy truth.

I finished my math assignment.


Willingness to take responsibility is a sign of maturity.

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Is there any risk of being caught by the police?


I think it's not a good idea.


She bought a Chinese fan.

Can you tell Ofer that I dropped by?

I don't know what Marilyn wants to do.


Are you going to shoot me?


Takayuki doesn't have to talk to me if he doesn't want to.

You just got shot.

Baseball is boring.

We're getting out of here. The cops are coming.

My father is a good person.

I don't need you telling me what to do.

There was nothing to eat.

We've done all we can.

The U.S. would be nothing without its immigrants, legal and illegal.


Hein was sacked.

Here's some deodorant.

I don't think it's going to happen tonight.

Someone like that is destined to fail.

A few shops, an agency and a bank can be found around it.


I wanted Everett stopped, but I didn't think anyone could do it.

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Nobody slept.


I've heard a report that you're leaving Boston.

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Shirley still doesn't like me.

I need some answers from you.

I don't see any way of stopping Ritalynne from doing that.

You're upset.

We have rules.

We aren't in any danger, are we?

What's the meaning of this?

We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.

Gene is a rude person.

Where the hell have you been Mott?

We were shocked by the intensity of our mother's anger.

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Henry doesn't require much supervision.


You should just keep doing what you're doing.


Saturn has a lot of moons.


I wonder how she's going to react.

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Tanabata comes up in manga a lot so I also know it fairly well.

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I work as a consultant.

Why do you want Hans to talk to Shirley?

The book didn't sell, so it wasn't reprinted.

You didn't forget, did you?

She looked at me and said "Hi!"


Stephan looked at the message again.

This is just awesome.

She has wet hair.


I'll ask how to get there.

Geoffrey has always been a very cheerful person.

Earle offered to let me use his car tomorrow.

We agreed to elaborate a strategy.

Tell me frankly.


You can ski and go to the beach in the same day.

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Today is my aunt's birthday.

I was in such a hurry that I left my bag behind.

She has a subtle charm.